No curbside pick up, no lockers, no media bins. No physical materials distribution.

Please remember that there is a shortage of PPE. Any gloves or masks you use for staff takes them away from our health care professionals.

Right now there are health care professionals who don't get to hug their children at night and won't for a long time. Hospitals are forming committees to decide who has the best chance of survival and who will not get a ventilator.  Please don't do curbside or any other pick up. You encourage people to leave their homes and run errands as if things are normal. You put staff and patrons at risk. You keep healthcare workers in a dangerous and deeply stressful working environment for weeks and months longer than necessary.

I know it's hard but please. Keep your staff at home. Don't encourage patrons to come out. New reports show as many as 25% of infected people do not feel symptoms and are spreading it.  You risk being a vector for an outbreak in your community.