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Reopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums (REALM) Information Hub: A COVID-19 Research Project (REALM) The portal with the latest information on the joint project of OCLC, IMLS and Battelle to provide guidelines for safely reopening libraries. Materials Handling Safety, Library Management
SPARC Crafts Language in Response to COVID-19 Publisher Offers As publishers provide students and faculty with temporary free access to learning materials during the COVID-19 crisis, concerns have been raised about access and time limitations associated with the offers. Working with members of the library community, SPARC has developed the following template that can be used to communicate with publishers about the restrictions. Library Management
OCLC Virtual Town Hall: Libraries and the COVID-19 Crisis Slides, chat and resources from the April 13, 2020 event. Library Management
Tracking Library Closures and Staffing Reductions and Furloughs This Google doc is the being used to track library closures as well as staff furloughs and reductions. It is associated with the #protectlibraryworkers hashtag. Library Management
Why You Shouldn’t Do Curbside During COVID-19 | Backtalk Another librarian take on why libraries shouldn't be doing curbside delivery during closures. Materials Handling Safety, Library Management
A Phased Reopening Plan for Libraries as COVID 19 Restrictions Are Lifted Excellent article about the considerations for opening libraries in varying scenarios. Library Management
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates (IMLS) The Institute of Museum and Library Services is closely monitoring COVID-19 and its impact on museums, libraries, and the communities they serve. This is their page of relevant information. Library Management
A Crash Course in Protecting Library Data While Working From Home From LITA: Libraries across the U.S. rapidly closed their doors to both public and staff in the last two weeks, leaving many staff to work from home. Several library workers might be working from home for the first time in their current positions, while many others were not fully prepared to switch over to remote work in a matter of days, or even hours, before the library closed. In the rush to migrate library workers to remote work and to migrate physical library programs and services to online, data privacy and security sometimes gets lost in the mix. Unfamiliar settings, new routines, and increased reliance on vendor technology all puts library data privacy at risk. Library Management
Summary of Library Vendor Responses From Califa - we have compiled a list of vendor responses to COVID-19. This list covers Califa vendors and includes resources, free access, and offers. It is a living document, so we will update it as soon as we have any changes/additions. We reached out to vendors, so there may be more information forthcoming. If you have any questions, know of other responses, or are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact Library Management
Get a 3D Printing Assignment I learned about this from Lyngsoe Systems, a library AMH vendor. They are printing a ventilator part on their 3D printer. They got the assignment from this website. The folks are coordinating with COVID-19 responders to help get the specific thing that is most needed at any given time. If you have a 3D printer and people available to make something, you might want to see if you can make something even more valuable than a face shield! Library Management


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