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Public Health Principles for a Phased Reopening During COVID-19: Guidance for Governors (revised) Description from Leah Rosenbaum in https://www.forbes.com/sites/leahrosenbaum/2020/04/23/johns-hopkins-changed-its-guidance-on-re-opening-the-economy-after-pushback-from-librarians/#66f7d35471a2 "On April 18, the Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security issued a report offering science-based guidance for state officials including governors on how to safely re-open communities. The report offered a risk assessment for various types of businesses and public spaces, with advice on how to best ease out of social distancing without creating a spike in coronavirus cases. The recommendations got swift and immediate pushback from an unlikely source: librarians. On Twitter and other social media platforms, they were quick to criticize the paper’s characterization of libraries as being “low risk” for re-opening. Libraries were characterized as low risk based on contact intensity and number of contacts, similar to walking trails and parks. Many librarians voiced their displeasure, and pointed out that libraries often serve hundreds of people a day, many from high-risk backgrounds. The report was amended on April 20. The attached is the amended report. The only change they made was a footnote saying "Libraries that incorporate social activities or community gatherings into their services should refer to the "community centers" category. Disaster Planning & Response, Materials Handling Safety
Help a Library Worker Out - HALO Fund Donate to "Help a Library Worker Out" through the EveryLibrary Institute. Donations help librarians, library staff, and library workers who need help with housing expenses, child care, groceries, or other expenses during this crisis. We are all in it together. Disaster Planning & Response
ULC Coronavirus Resources Information and tools for libraries focusing on ULC member libraries activities and impacts Disaster Planning & Response
Guide to COVID-19 for Public Libraries Bobbi Newman curated collection of excellent health and government information maintained on a blog post on NNLM site Disaster Planning & Response
ALA Recommendations for Library Pandemic Preparedness Includes helpful policy section recommending important policy considerations. Library Management, Disaster Planning & Response
Disaster Information Management Research Center Information portal about disaster preparation and response literature and resources, provided by the National Library of Medicine Disaster Planning & Response, Government Information
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